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Zhunyun technical equipment

The company has full equipments in the sheet metal manufacturing, has two sets of complete sheet metal production line, one set mainly produces sheet metal products with sheet metal thickness less than 2 mm (including 2 mm), another mainly produces sheet metal products with sheet metal thickness more than 2 mm, the main production process of sheet metal products is: uncoiling and leveling automatic shearing machine dealing material - the sheet metal CNC cutting dealing material (2 mm thickness sheet can directly be cut by CNC punch) - CNC punch punching and shearing angle - sheet metal CNC bending machine bend molding - welding - degreasing, pickling, phosphating - spraying - packaging.

Uncoiling leveling shearing automatic production line

CNC sheet metal shears
MS8-6X3200 Automatic Feeding CNC shears   sheet metal CNC shears

CNC punch
TruPunch 2020 Germany Trumpf CNC punch:
The punch is now the world's most advanced CNC punch, it has feature like high speed, high precision, quantity mold and easy to operate, maximum punch pressure 180KN, maximum sheet size 2500×1250mm, once punch maximum diameter φ76mm.

M10-50 CNC turret punch:
The punch is mainly hydraulic drive CNC sheet metal processing equipment, nominal force 500KN, Max sheet size 1500X5000X6mm, once punch maximum diameter φ88.9mm.

CNC sheet metal bending machine
2-PSH-160/4100 double linkage electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC hydraulic plate bending machine: The machine can linked action, single action or work independently, the maximum bending force 1600KN, the maximum bending sheet length 8200mm, thickness 8mm.

High-precision CNC sheet metal bending machine

Spraying production line
Space 16,000 (long) x5000 (width) x6000 (H) mm large painting, paint rooms

Large electrostatic spraying automatic production line
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