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Other generators accessory products
Other accessory products of generator include muffler, soundproof doors, hand electric cable reels, tank, vertical tank, exhaust cap, noise reduction box and so on.
Generator set using muffler can generally be divided into industrial-type muffler and residential-type muffler, sound-proofing principle of industrial-type muffler is mainly converting the sound energy into heat energy to achieve noise attenuation pu..
Manual, electric cable winch
Manual and electric cable winch is generally used for mobile vehicle or trailer power station power station, making the mobile station more convenient and efficient to transport power in a long-distance, and the cable reel can be designed according t..
Vertical Tank
Vertical tank capacity is between 500L and 5000L, for better protection of surface corrosion, tank surface uses electrostatic spraying. General standard configuration of fuel tank: ventilation opening, manhole, alternate port, the oil outlet port, th..
exhaust cap
According to various exhaust pipe diameter size equipping with exhaust cap, exhaust e caps match with 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch smoke pipe are made of stainless steel.
Noise reduction box
Noise reduction box is made of porous plate and sound-absorbing material, when installed they are banded together with bolt piece and piece, installed in turbine inlet and the exhaust passage, forming noise reduction box with easy installation and cl..

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