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Nonstandard square warehouse - China Telecom
Nonstandard square warehouse - China Telecom
For square warehouse has special fire protection requirement, it can install automatic fire extinguishing system in the box to ensure the using security of the entire square warehouse power station.


1, Suitable for silent type container with 20KVA-2000KVA generator group;
2, The whole generator set can be directly used as a standard shipping container, significantly saves transportation cost;
3, Container beam is manufactured with square tube, to improve the mechanical strength of the container and withstand higher generator dynamic load;
4, On both sides of the box has a side door, facility for user to process routine maintenance and repair; box outside has ladder;
5, Container back and front doors can be opened, facility for user to process routine maintenance and repair of generator and engine radiator;
6, The bottom of the container is provided with an engine "three leakages" collection system to prevent the engine may occur "three leakages" and pollute the environment;
7, Control panel and output switchgear are on the same side of the container to facilitate the user's daily operations and output cable connections;
8, According to customer requirements, matching base tank and muffler can be customized;
9, Fuel tank and pipeline, oil discharge, muffler, etc. have many unique design places, which are greatly favored by customers.


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