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Silent type standard container--- 20 Feet(two)
Silent type standard container--- 20 Feet(two)
Uses: For receiving and protecting generators, noise reduction and environmental protection, easy to move.

Standard configuration:
• Box uses 2mm sheet steel, brushes outside with waterproof, anti-acid paint.
• Box thickness is 100mm, fill with silencer cotton inside, lay metal punching plate;
• Box floor lays steel checkered plate at the;
• Box installs air intake and ventilation shutters, shutter is fitted with rodent network;
• Box side leaves the return oil port, sewage outlet;
• Box wall leaves a perspective observation hole;
• Box leaves the exhaust pipe outlet;
• Box side each has an access door, a total of two access doors;
• Box contains exhaust rain cap;

1, Generator set with power under 1250KAV can choose 20 ft container.
2, The whole generator set can be directly used as a standard shipping container, significantly saves transportation cost;
3, Container beam is manufactured with square tube, to improve the mechanical strength of the container and withstand higher generator dynamic load;
4, On both sides of the box has a side door, facility for user to process routine maintenance and repair; box outside has ladder;
5, Container back and front doors can be opened, facility for user to process routine maintenance and repair of generator and engine radiator;
6, The bottom of the container is provided with an engine "three leakages" collection system to prevent the engine may occur "three leakages" and pollute the environment;
7, Control panel and output switchgear are on the same side of the container to facilitate the user's daily operations and output cable connections;
8, According to customer requirements, matching base tank and muffler can be customized.


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